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 One step further under the heading are thought provoking questions for language, math, science and social science subject.  This process will be more useful if there is a discussion as to why this answer has come without the students answering these questions directly.  It is hoped that through such a process students will be able to solve a variety of such questions in the future.  Along with this we present the solutions to the questions asked in week 1.

 Question 1: The right decision

 Children of Std. 6 to 8 of Junagadh government school are going to visit Gir sanctuary as part of school tour.  All the students are very excited.  The children arrived at the school a little early as the bus was scheduled to leave at 9 o'clock in the morning.  Students are waiting for the bus at the school door.  Some have parents with them.  Teachers have also come.  As soon as the bus arrived, Pratik, Kavya and Salim ran to get the seat of their choice.  Pratik and Salim sat next to the driver.  About an hour later, while the bus was running on the highway, Salim saw that the driver of the bus, Sohanbhai, was eating Zoka.  Salim asked Sohanbhai, "Are you tired?" The driver Sohanbhai replied, "No ... no ... there is nothing like that." He smiled slightly and changed gears.  Salim again got into a conversation with Pratik, Kavya and Jigar.  Some of the children were playing catch-up.  Some children were watching the scenes from the window.  Suddenly Kavya saw a huge truck coming from the front.  She shouted, "Sohankaka, beware, a truck is speeding in front of you." The rest of the children also shone.  Sohan, the driver who was half asleep, woke up blinking.  He took care of himself and got off the bus safely.  Salim requested the teacher to tell the driver to stop the bus at a safe place.  He

 The teacher said the driver did not feel well either he was sick or very tired.

 1. What should a teacher do in such a situation?  Choose the appropriate option from the following.  (You can also select more than one option.)

 The driver should be reprimanded and taken off the bus and a new driver should be arranged.

 The driver should be told to fall asleep for a while.

 The bus should talk to the driver until it reaches the destination and give him company.

 The driver should check whether he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

 The trip should be shortened.  But the driver should be allowed to sleep.  If the driver is upset he should be given medicine.


 True Answer - Options B, C, D and E are closer to the four truths.  Absolute veracity can be determined on the basis of the analysis of the situation.

 B may be but if the driver is known to be awake.  Otherwise it will be too late to reach the destination.

 C may be and it seems closer to the truth.  Often the driver is likely to fall asleep if other people are sleeping on the bus.  Talking keeps his brain active along with his body.

 D may be, but if not properly checked, the driver's self-esteem will be harmed in circumstances where it is proved that the driver has been wrongly suspected.

 E may be but it will affect the enjoyment of children's travel.  Because there are some places worth seeing.

 2. Write down the five main road safety measures to consider.


 The main five measures of road safety can be as follows.  More than five can also be considered.

 1.  During any trip and especially when children are traveling, the bus driver should control the speed of the bus and it should be supervised by the school teachers.

 .  The bus for school travel should meet the criteria of RTO's road safety rules.  Whose travel should be confirmed with pre-appropriate documents.

 3. The driver should not have any kind of addiction and it must be followed while driving the bus.

 .  Tours are mostly planned in natural and historical places where mountains and bends and slopes are possible.  So the driver should be skilled and slow down the bus on the turn and have control over the brakes.

 .  To deal with emergencies, the bus should have a first aid kit and a traffic control room and a contact number for the nearest hospital.  Teachers and children should be familiar with the method of first aid.

 Question 2: Play tents

 A company makes play tents for children.  They form them into a pyramid with rectangular and square bases.  The upper and side panels of the tents are made of tarpaulin.  Tarpaulin is not used in place of base.

 Perpendicular tent pyramid tent

 3. The length of the sides of the square base of a rectangular tent is x m and its height is h m.

 The company uses tarpaulins to make each vertical tent.  What will be the size (V) of the perpendicular tent?


 Here the length of the sides of the square base of the rectangular tent is given as 3 meters and its height is given as 3 meters.  It is also reported that the company uses tarpaulins to make vertical tents.  We have to find the size of the tent 

 So the equation for the size of the tent, 6 is found.  …………………. (1)

 But the equations given in the form of options in question do not have  and all the equations are different from the above equation.  In this situation let us check whether we can use any other information given in the question.

 As given in the question, the company uses tarpaulin to make the tent, we can also get the equation of this area.  Of particular note is the fact that tarpaulin is not to be used at the base of the tent, so when we calculate the total area of ​​the tent we should take into account that we will only count the top and the four vertical sides.

 Area at the top = length  width.  Here both length and width are 3, so the area at the top rises.  Similarly, the area of ​​the vertical side is 7.  Here, the tent has a total of four vertical sides, so the area of ​​all four vertical sides is 7.

 The total area of ​​the tent is 7.

 As given in the question, the company uses tarpaulin to make the tent, the area of ​​this tarpaulin should be equal to the area calculated above, then the tent will be made.

 Thus, us

 …………… .. (2)

 Get the equation.

 If we put the value of માંથી from equation (2) in equation (1) we get


 4. Similarly, the length of the sides of the square base of the pyramid tent is x m and its height is h m.  The distance between the top of the pyramid and the center point of the edge of each base is y m.

 The triangle below shows a pane of the pyramid.


 Now how can the total area of ​​the four triangular faces of the pyramid, s, be represented in plain form?

 s = xy

 s = 2xy

 s = 3xy

 s = 4xy


 Here the total area of ​​the four triangular panels of the pyramid-shaped tent is to be calculated.  Do you know the area of ​​a panel?  If the shape of the panel is like a triangle, then to find its area, remember the formula for the area of ​​the triangle,

 According to this formula, the area of ​​a triangular plane is 7.  From this you can calculate the area (s) of four panels.


 Question 3: Evaporation

 Hina has to go to school tomorrow.  But he remembered that his school uniform got wet due to rain on his way home from school today.  He hung his uniform over the wire on the ceiling.  But he hung up his uniform without spreading it properly.  His mother told him to spread his uniform and hang it, otherwise it would take longer to dry.  Hina wondered why.  He asked his science teacher why.  His science teacher explained that this is due to evaporation.

 Answer the following questions using the information above:

 5. Why does it spread out and dry in less time?


 When clothes are dipped or soaked in water, the water in them stays wet until they are dry.  For this water to dry easily, if spread and dried, the water on each part of the clothes will evaporate and the clothes will dry in less time.

 6. Under what conditions will clothes dry quickly?

 If the wind speed is high.

 If the humidity is increased.

 If the weather is cold.

 If clothes are hung in a closed room.


 If humidity is increased, if the weather is cooled, if wet clothes are hung in a closed room, as well as the effect of wind speed is increased on wet clothes, it should be discussed as well as what is the effect on wet clothes in different situations.  It should be seen.

 Question 4: Choose the correct option

 7. The 'OK' sign (=) in the poster shown here indicates that all humans


 Looks the same.

 Have the same basic rights.

 Are from the same country.


 Judging by the picture given in this question, option (A) does not seem to be the correct answer.  Not all humans look the same in a given picture.  As well as looking at the picture it is also difficult to say that all human beings belong to the same country.  If we understand the purpose behind asking the question then option (B) is the correct option because the equal sign indicates that every human being has got the same basic right and therefore they have the same right and entitlement.

 8. Ravi is 11 years old and is studying in standard 6.  He is applying for a scholarship offered by the Government of India and is required to submit proof of identity.  Which of these proofs can he present?

 His driving license

 His passport

 His marksheet

 His voter ID card


 The options for the given question are given on the basis of (A) and (D) age if looked carefully.  Ravi is 11 years old.  Who does not have both of these proofs.  While not all students have a passport.  When Ravi is studying in Std. 6 after passing Std. 5, he should find out the details and proof of identity required by the Government of India to get the scholarship.  Note here that the Government of India offers scholarships.  All this evidence should be gathered on how and when it can be obtained as well as ancillary matters.




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